Murtfeldt is launching a new Responsive Design website (RWD):

Ideal for use on tablet PCs and smartphones as well

It's finally online: Murtfeldt lines up today with a technically state-of-the-art website, thanks to Responsive Design, easy-to-use on all terminal devices, thought through down to the last detail and now with a fresh new design.

There is a clear trend towards using internet on the go, whether on the train, in waiting rooms or when stuck in traffic: your tablet or mobile phone is always to hand and virtually always in use. It is imperative that every future-proof website is capable of being used on small terminal devices – regardless of whether on an iPhone, Android, Surface or iPad. However, people don't just use these devices for their entertainment: more and more people are using optional and mandatory breaks to undertake professional research and carry out work.

This is a challenge faced by many website operators, which they should not underestimate. Murtfeldt has faced up to this challenge and, together with the Dortmund-based advertising agency, Friedrich & Schneider, has created a website: alongside its clear design and impressive swipe technique for navigation, the website is specifically tailored for all terminal devices. In the same way Murtfeldt has been designing and customising its plastic parts for virtually all sectors of machine construction over the last 60 years.

Specifically relating to the website this means: Users can quickly, clearly and concisely access all the information they need on Murtfeldt's website. Navigation is clearly arranged and can be tracked at all times by what are known as "breadcrumbs". The top-level navigation bar is limited to Murtfeldt's core areas: its products and services.

Customers seeking their contact partners, wishing to view their "Memo" or download documents in the Download Centre, can manage this directly via a marginal navigation bar in the header area. Information, which is not directly related to a product or topic but could nevertheless be of interest or assistance, is located in the drop-down lists below the core information tabs. News about Murtfeldt and the latest press stories can be found in the grey footer area.

The new navigation style, strikingly close to the navigation style of mobile terminal devices, is very impressive. When you click on a page, a swiping action opens new pages from right to left.

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