Murytal® C blue [FS]® EU compliant FDA-approved

Production based on POM-C

This material at a glance

Material characteristics

Extremely resistant to chemicals No moisture absorption Electrically isolating Hydrolysis resistance

Available colors

ultramarine blue

Provided with the same properties as Murytal® C natural, the blue plastic is ideal for use in the food sector thanks to its colour.

Special characteristics

  • High rigidity
  • Excellent ability to retain its own form
  • Highly electrically isolating
  • Practically no moisture absorption
  • Good resistance to chemicals (pH 4-13)
  • Approved for use in the food industry (EU and FDA) (Natural)
  • Very good machinability Hydrolysis resistant to 80ºC


Murytal® C blue [FS]®
  • Slide elements
  • Cog wheels
  • Cams
  • Snap-on connections

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