Original Material "S" 8000®

Production based on PE-UHMW SG 1.1

This material at a glance

Material characteristics

High wear resistance Extremely resistant to chemicals Very good impact/shock resistance Good anti-adhesion properties Good slide properties Self-lubricating

Available colors


This material results from the further development of a tried-and-tested material. Experiences of over 50 years of producing Original Material "S"® have contributed to the development of this material. This involved improving already impressive material properties. For example, the self-lubricating character of this material has resulted in an improved sliding friction coefficient in comparison with Original Material "S". Original Material "S" 8000® is ideally suited for use in sliding guides, slide segments, and slide bearings.

Special characteristics

  • Self-lubricating - lower sliding friction coefficient
  • Increased wear resistance
  • Excellent impact/shock resistance
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • Good anti-adhesion properties
  • Electrically isolating
  • Better resistance to UV rays than Original Material ”S” green/natural


Original Material "S" 8000® Anthracite
  • Highly wear-resistant slide elements
  • Sliding guides, slide segments, and sliding bearings

Original Material "S" 8000® Production based on PE-UHMW SG 1.1 - Material "S"® Group - Murtfeldt GmbH Kunststoffe - Abbildung 1