Technical and high-performance plastics for your optimized machining and production processes

Plastics - Food safe materials

Food safe materials

Plastics - Material

Material "S"® group

Plastics - Technical plastics

Technical plastics

Plastics - High-performance plastics

High-performance plastics

Plastics - Coloured plastic sheets

Coloured plastic sheets

Plastics - Fibre-reinforced materials

Fibre-reinforced materials

Lightweight construction and thermal stability
Plastics - The Murtfeldt Plastic Guide

The Murtfeldt Plastic Guide

Find the right plastic for your project
Plastics - Resistance to chemicals

Resistance to chemicals


The most important factors of our materials' success are as follows:

  • Excellent slide properties
  • High wear resistance
  • Great mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Long lifetime

Our service

  • Economical, quick, and precise production of finished parts in accordance with individual requirements – even in small quantities
  • Pre-cut custom parts from sheets and rods
  • Large warehouse stock of semi-finished parts with different dimensions
  • Short delivery times thanks to ample warehouse capacities