Uni-Microspray I

Minimum use of lubricant – maximum effect

UNI Microspray I has significant advantages when compared to traditional brush lubrication systems. It enables the stepless regulation of the spray quantity. The directed spray can reach places that are out of the range of brush lubrication systems.
Both oil consumption and the contamination of the surrounding area are considerably lower in comparison to drip lubrication systems. We can configure an individual, perfectly adapted Microspray system for every single lubrication scenario. Even if the coaxial hose is mounted at an angle, the oil flow cannot become blocked since the lubrication media are transported in separate hoses. The mixing takes place in the spray head itself.

  • Lubrication of chain knot points/crossovers with central spray system
  • Lubricant: Sprayable oils and bio degradable fatty alcohols/fatty acid ester to 120 mm2/s
  • Distance between dosing unit casing and spray head: ≤ 10 m
  • Compressed air in pipes: 2 – 16 bar
  • Stepless and reproducible adjustment of high-pressure plunger pump (~ 80bar) possible