Profiles for conveying and transportation

In the beverage, packaging, food, and frozen food sectors in particular, goods and products must be transported in a reliable manner that protects them from damage. We offer a wide range of products to meet this requirement.

We are happy to manufacture products on the basis of your drawings to meet the demands of your custom conveying and transport tasks. For example, we can produce carriers and work piece bearers for your conveyor belts. You can also obtain accessories such as switches and star wheels quickly and economically and in line with your requirements.

Please contact our application technology department or one of our field staff. You can also join our consultants at an online conference where you can work together on your documents in real time.

Products for conveying/transportation technology

  • Sliding guides
  • Rail guides
  • Belts
  • Slip-on profiles
  • Profiles for slat band chains
  • Curve guides for slat band chains

Guiding profiles