Standard products

Tensioning systems, slide profiles, chain and belt guides and tensioning systems made from abrasion-resistant glide-enabling plastics – offered as stock products as well as individual solutions.

Individual solutions for high-performance plastics

manufactured to the customer's drawings

Whether built-in parts, conveying screw, product turner or format sets: We offer stock products as well as individual solutions made-to-measure from customer drawings.



technical and high-performance

Our product range offers technical and high-performance plastics. Their characteristics constitutes the basis for your optimized machining and production processes.


Profiles and guides

for roller chains and belts

Smooth working movement and optimated running features by using Murtfeldt sliding guides.


Tensioning Systems

for chains and belts

Murtfeldt tensioning systems keep chains and belts reliably tensioned, take care for a smooth chain movement and thus increase their lifetime.


Lubrication systems

Systematic prevention measures

Constant productivity thanks to Murtfeldt lubrication systems