Murtfeldt as an employer

Whether in production or in administration: each and every one of our employees can steer his career so that he feels fulfilled, encouraged and understood. We actively support this and encourage and reward personal commitment with appropriate remuneration and opportunities for further education and training. We are happy if each of our employees recognises this opportunity to express his identification with Murtfeldt through ambition and commitment.

Sales is the largest department within the administration side of the company. Following a short period of training, all our sales people manage a fixed customer base, on their own initiative and independently, within one of our teams with the support of an experienced technical field staff mentor. They are responsible for producing quotations, processing orders, agreeing delivery times in consultation with production and dealing with all correspondence relating to the customer. Customer support also includes calculating a specific pricing structure based on our calculation guidelines. Employees are continuously learning about the possible uses of our products in internal training courses.

Our team of application engineers and field staff advises customers on the possible uses of the very diverse range of technical plastics and high-performance plastics we produce. Application technology is also responsible for the design of made-to-measure components and the production of CAD data.